/toil/ - 


      1. work extremely hard or incessantly.

           labor, strive, work one's fingers to the bone

TOIL PRESS is a screen printing press located in the heart of Mexico City owned and operated by a dude originally from Houston, Texas. TOIL Press is dedicated to employing the 4-color "CMYK" printing process. The same process used for newspaper and magazine printing that dates back to the early 1900's. 

TOIL Press is dedicated to serving the collage community worldwide. Being that the owner is a collage artist, the idea was born out of the frustration of finding worthwhile printing options for collage. And also a love for working with ones hands. If you are a collage artist and have always loved the texture of the tiny dot patterns (Ben Day Dots) that you find in your source material, then you completely understand the vision of TOIL PRESS 

So Let's talk and make art together and for each other and the world.