• StayCloseTay

    @stayclosetay (real name Rontaye Butler) and I have a serendipitous story. I traveled back to Houston after KolajFest for a day to catch my flight back to Mexico City. I really wanted to bring a large stash of magazines back south of the border, but it was quite unfeasible. So I put out a call on Instagram stories saying that I would rather give them away to folks who would put them to good use. Tay answered immediately that he'd show up to my mom's house in a half hour to scoop up a good handful. 


    Ramadan Mubarak!

    Dude shows up and I think he expected it to be a smash and grab job where I ran out to the car,  handed him a box of ephemera and then drive away. But in true Texas fashion, I waved to him from the steps of the house for him to come in, meet the family and personally select his loot. When he came in, I showed him the initial print of TOIL Press (compulsive baby disorder) and we geeked out hard. 

    "Sprewell" is a limited edition of 50 hand screen-printed Collage Art on 140gm Bristol paper.  You can purchase your print directly from the artist @stayclosetay

    After numerous attempts to reproduce his work through digital mediums like archival printing and giclee, Tay grew frustrated with the quality of aesthetic he was getting. I expressed that that's exactly the reason for TOIL Press.If I'm not wrong, the words that came out of his mouth were something akin to "You're the answer to my printing prayers. But don't quote me on that. Thus the hype was born! That hype resulted in this "Sprewell" print you see pictured here. I can't describe the immense amount of pride I feel to work with a Collage artist from my hometown. 

    Taye is a Milwaukee native, Houston transplant. Devoted father and husband by day Collage guru by all other hours of the day.